Donald Driver to Answer Fan Questions

Didn’t get a ticket to Donald Driver’s retirement celebration but still want to be part of the action? has you covered with an exclusive Q&A with the Packers’ All-Time Leading Receiver, Super Bowl Champion and Dancing With the Stars Champion.

Donald will be answering YOUR questions right here the afternoon of Wednesday, February 6th. Questions must be submitted in advance and can be submitted in the comments section below or on Donald's official Facebook Page, found here.

Check back Wednesday afternoon to see if Donald answered your question!


My question:  Will you and your family come to Wausau, and have dinner with my family? :) Just kidding.  I just wanted to wish you a happy retirement, and that I hope you find something that makes you happy for the rest of your life. God Bless!

do you want or plan to stay with the packers in any capacity

Why weren't you allowed to play rarely since you were still a packer? You were the best they had!

What was your most favorite moment of being a Green Bay Packer?

You have had such a successful career and are such a great role model for young people.  Besides your skill on the football, what do you think is the most important thing you have learned about life and what would you tell young people who aspire to be a success in sports and/or life?

Donald:  Would you accept an ambassador position for the Packers organization if it were offered to you?  I cannot think of anyone who would be a better representative for our team than you!  Also, are you involved with the Christian athletes organization? I am so proud of you for proclaiming your faith so publicly!

You are and will be always loved.  Who did you look up to as a motivation through your career?

Donald Double D,
     I Love how you devoted your time and skills for the Wisconsin team, THE PACKERS! What motivated you to stay here you're whole career, what about Wisconsin made it your only home? You are my favorite player and will be for life. I Love your loyalty to Wisco :)

Donald, did they make you retire or can you see the writing on the wall? I was very disappointed in the way the Packers treated you this year but I was so impressed to see your smle on the sideline. If you are ever in Dumfries Va look me up. I still have the "G" Charm that I purchased at Rogers and Holland that they told me was polished by your wife. I will treasure it and my memories of you forever. 

Hi Donald.  You are my all time favorite Packer!!  I'm sorry to see you retire.  Are you interested in coaching with the Packers?  Have they talked to you about it?  I'd love for you to stay with the organization.  You are a classy person and all athletics should be like you!  Congratulations on a great career!  Thanks.
(Loved you on DWTS!!)

Mr. Driver,
I've only been on this planet a short 23 years and ever since I got into football, you've been the guy I rooted for. Always. I didn't care that you didn't play this year, I totally understood why. I know that this is for questions and the chances of you actually getting this little message is slim to none, but I just wanted to give it a whirl. I can't think of another player, Packers or not, that can hold a candle to your torch. You inspire people, including myself, with that smile and take charge attitude. What you've come from in life and where you've ended up is just mind blowing. I'm so glad that you spent your career with the greatest team in the organization. I'm proud to be a cheesehead and even happier to call you my all-time favorite player. Don't leave the Pack and Wisconsin behind. Best of luck in the future.
A huge fan,

Donald, what are your plans now that you are retired. You are just too young to not do anything. I am a 73 year old female, and I have had two careers so far. I worked one career for 29 years, and another one for almost 18 years. I retired at age 67, and am going to try to start writing. My husband of 3 years passed away in August 2012 from Alzheimer's Disease. I have already started writing about taking care of him the last year of his life to help other people know what to expect if it happens to them. So, what is your plan? Jo

No question just wanted to say I met you years ago at a cancer center in La Crosse Wisc. We were so impressed!! You are a hero to many young people and you should be proud of that forever! Thank You for all you brought to Green Bay and to the packer fans. Best wishes to you and your family!!

If you wouldn't have made it big in football, what do think you would be doing today?

Have a good retirement,do you see brett favre

I love a good physical game, but some of these fiercely charging directly at someone (helmet first) plays are too gruesome to watch. How do you envision the game 10 years from now?

As a native Texan transplanted here in Green Bay, am wondering if you are planning to make your permanent home in Dallas area? We will be retiring back to the Southlake area in 2014. Hope to see ya'll out and about there, too!! It has been a joy to get to know you (from a distance) and see your love of life, family and the Packers. You are truly "something else!" WIll you continue your website so we can check what events you are going to be involved with there? And ...ALWAYS AND FOREVER.. GO PACK GO !!!!

Congratulations on your retirement! I was wondering what your new adventure will be. Has the Packer organization offered you a job in any capacity? Good luck in whatever you choose to do. You have been a great asset to the Green Bay community.

Hi Donald - you are more of a Wisconsinite than a lot of people that were born here.  One of my main concerns is that you'll move on and forget about us (kind of like someone who retired to Mississippi, but had promised never to sever his ties with us, but seems that he has - which is heart breaking).  I'm hoping that you'll always be one of us, and either stay in Wisconsin, or at least come back frequently.  You have a lot of Wisconsin charities that you have been devoted to and that depend on you and your beautiful wife and family, as well as all of us fans that will truly miss you.  Please promise us that you'll always be true to Wisconsin (like Bart Starr) because you have become part of our family - our children have grown up with you.  

Donald you are such a wonderful person and a great football player. Would you consider being an offensive coach for the Green Bay Packers if they would offer it to you? I for one think that they should, as you would be great at it.

Hi Donald,
Just wondering if you will continue to host the annual softball game, or if you are going to pass that onto another Packer? I think you should continue to do it for awhile. Fans will love to come out and see you still out there at least once a year!! Thanks for all the memories you have given the greatest franchise in sports!!!!

Donald,  We will miss you on and off the field!  Now that you have time to rest a little.....Where would yu like to go on an extended vacation?    Lots of happiness to you and your family!  J

Just one question... What now.. ?  

If you could change anything in/about your life what would it be?

Dear Donald,
I wanted to say THANK YOU so much for all you have done for this team and for Wisconsin. You are the model player (& one of the cutest ;) Your wife is very lucky.) my question is do you plan to stay in the area, or do you plan to move back by your other family memebers? I personally would love it if you would stay. Especially with all you do for our community.
Best of luck in all your future holds. Love you Donald!!

I was curious what toothpaste you use?
That is my only question. Enjoy some good family time.


Wednesday is a milestone for both of us (your retirement and my birthday) it is with mixed emotions that we say goodbye to one of the most inspiring Packer Players. I have enjoyed watching you over the years accomplish so may wonderful achievements....just curious what the next achievement will be? Would you ever consider being a coach or commentator for the Packers?

Someday soon your name will be on "The Ring Of Honor" within Lambeau Field and I hope to be there when they reveal your name.  Please have a MEGA Tailgate Party for Fans that weekend so we can see you again.  

Also would you ever consider coming to a Shareholders Meeting (like Fuzzy) and sign autographs?  We would love to see you there. Maybe update the fans?

if Green Bay ever has another Fan Fest please consider attending for OBVIOUS REASONS!
Wherever the new road leads you I am certain you will do great things.  Enjoy Family time and thanksfor sharing this Pivotal Day in your Career with the Fans. CLASS is all I can say-TOTAL CLASS-thank you.   Donna


Hey Donald  any dancing in your future ?  Iike maybe doing some all star dancing with the stars?

You have been without a doubt the greatest ambassador football, Green Bay and the state of Wisconsin ever had.   Your smile lit up the world.   Thank you !  My question is, will you be writing amother book, perhaps, "Quickie Retires? "    I have the first three and look forward to another.  God Bless

Donald, I have been a Packer fan since 1960. You are one of my all time favorite players. Like Bart Starr, you have always been classy on and off the field. Players like you make me proud to be a Packer fan. When you announced your retirement I felt like I did when Bart, Ray Nitschke, Willie Davis, Herb Adderley, etc. retired...sad to see you go but blessed to have seen you play. You are a true Packer! You gave your all on and off the field and represented yourself and the team well. Pound for pound, you are the toughest wide reciever to play the game...physically and mentally tough. You made your family, fans, and teamates proud. God bless you and your family in what ever you choose to do. Thanks for the great years!

Which is your favorite GB QB Favre or Rodgers? Why? Have you been offered a coaching position or announcer position anywhere? Love you DD!

In all the years you played, who was your closest teammate/friend?
Love you Donald!  I'm really going to miss my favorite Packer!

With your  beautiful smile and great football knowledge, any plans to become a commentator? You are so easy going and positve I would love to keep seeing you every Sunday!

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