Bleacher Report: The Biggest Steals in NFL Draft History - Wide Receivers

Courtesy of Bleacher Report

Drafted: Seventh round, 1999 draft (213th pick)

Career: 1999-2012

Teams: Green Bay Packers

Key Stat: Had six consecutive seasons with 1,000 receiving yards or more from 2004-09.

Overview: Donald Driver was not an overly impressive prospect prior to the 1999 NFL draft. At 6'0" and 188 pounds, Driver was of average size. He was fast, but he did not the kind of speed that intimidated opposing defensive backs.

As a college player, he did not compete against major college stars during his career at Alcorn State.

The Green Bay Packers decided to spend a late-round draft pick on him, and they got a sensational return on his investment. Driver didn't do much in his first three years in the NFL, but he became a major contributor in 2002, when he caught 70 passes for 1,064 yards and nine touchdowns.

During that season, Driver showed the ability to run crisp patterns and catch nearly everything he could touch. He became one of Brett Favre's most dependable receivers, and he later fulfilled the same result for Aaron Rodgers.

Driver made plays when the game was on the line, and he did it with little fanfare.

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