Bloomer teen meets childhood hero Donald Driver

It isn’t every day that someone gets to meet their childhood hero. Luckily for 14-year-old Jordyn Keller, that day did come.

Along with her family, Keller visited Green Bay in mid-June to attend a statue unveiling and street naming for ex-Green Bay Packers wide receiver Donald Driver — a fan favorite who is the Packers’ all-time leading receiver.

At that June 15 ceremony, Keller brought along a poster that caught Driver’s attention as he was beginning to drive away afterward. Driver stopped and called Keller over to his vehicle, where he complimented her on the poster and, of course, signed it.

The poster, which Keller made for her freshman English class at Bloomer High School, was inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, with photos of Keller as Juliet and Driver as Romeo. On it, Keller wrote “Donald Driver, you are my Romeo and my role model. I look up to you and your family, please come meet me.”

After he signed it, Keller said that Driver told her: “I love it and you are my Juliet.”

And her interaction with Driver didn’t stop there. The following Sunday, Keller brought the poster with her to Driver’s charity softball game at Fox Cities Stadium in Appleton, where he again noticed it and blew kisses to her from the field.

Driver, who has gained popularity not only because of his play on the football field but also because of his appearance on the TV show Dancing with the Stars and his extensive charity work throughout Wisconsin, made a special impression on Keller because of his down-to-Earth attitude and selflessness.

“(I like him) because of all of the things he does for the community and how much he cares,” Keller said. He’s not just a football player, he’s a normal person that does for the community and people that are in need.”

Keller’s love for Driver even inspired her to get involved with charity work herself.

This past week, she traveled down to Marvell, Ark. on a mission trip in which her group helped scrape and re-paint houses. She also spent time with some underprivileged children within the community.

In the future, Keller is hoping to travel to Zambia, Africa, for even more extensive charity work before she heads off to college.

Keep in mind, this was all inspired by the example set by Driver.

Looks like she picked a good person to look up to.

Article courtesy of Sam Oleson, Chippewa Herald