People Magazine: Donald Driver Shares 5 Workout Moves for Staying Fit

His football days might be behind him, but for his 39th birthday, which happens to fall on Super Bowl Sunday, Donald Driver has one thing to prove: that his physique will still be fit as ever.

"People have always challenged me,” the former NFL pro and Dancing With the Stars winner tells PEOPLE. "People told me I was going to get this big beer belly when I got done playing. But I work out six days a week and when I turn 40 I'm going to still have that six pack."

Beyond the six pack, though, the decision to stay healthy started at home for Driver. He and his wife, Betina, "stay healthy for our kids," he says, and he wants to make sure that one day he will be "able to walk my two daughters down the aisle and see my son get married."

But he doesn't deny that having a fetching physique does wonders for his marriage. "I'm always walking around the house with no shirt on and sometimes just in drawers," he says. "My wife loves it, I have never heard her complain about 'go put some shorts on.' "

He feels the same way about his wife. "Our shower is all glass, I can see my wife taking a shower and she can see me," says Driver, who boasts that he married a "sexy woman, she has great arms and great legs! I know that when you have a wife, you want to make sure that she looks when you get out of the shower and stares at you a little bit longer than the average wife does."

On a more serious note, the former footballer maintains a strict diet of lean proteins and vegetables. "We tried gluten-free and it was tough for us," he says. "But most of our stuff is organic and we completely threw out the processed stuff. Now, we're all about organic fruit, and we try to stay away from sodas."

In the lead up to his birthday, however, Driver took his diet to another level. By Super Bowl Sunday, Driver will have fasted for 21 days and limited his diet to fruits, vegetables, salads and water, to reach his goal of optimum physical health (and that six pack!) by 40. Here he shares five exercises that helped him get into shape and look and feel fabulous at 40.

Exercise 1 : Kettlebell Push-Up and Press

Description: Athlete starts in a push-up position with a wide base or foot position, then performs a push-up. When the athlete has completed the push up they thrust their feet toward the kettlebell then stands up and cleans the kettlebell to front-rack position. The athlete completes the movement with a press over their head.
Focus: Core stabilization, chest, shoulders, and triceps.
Do: Four sets of 10-12 reps, increasing in weight every set.

Exercise 2: Kettlebell Thruster

Description: Athlete starts in a front rack position, then descends into a front squat. Once the athlete has completed a full squat they finish the movement with a press above the head.
Focus: Core stabilization, quads (thighs), gluts, hamstrings and shoulders.
Do: Four sets of 10-12 reps, increasing in weight every set.

Exercise 3: Bungee Slams

Description: Athlete begins the movement with alternating each arm slamming the bungee to the ground. They then follow that movement with double arm slams toward the ground. Finally, the athletes conclude the exercise with a rotating motion alternating the bungee slammed to the ground.
Focus: Shoulders, including traps, anterior and posterior deltoids.
Do: Four sets of 10-12 reps, increasing in weight every set.

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