Didn’t get a ticket to Donald Driver’s retirement celebration but still want to be part of the action? DonaldDriver80.com has you covered with an exclusive Q&A with the Packers’ All-Time Leading Receiver, Super Bowl Champion and Dancing With the Stars Champion. 

Donald Answers Your Questions Below

Bryan McCoy: What will you miss most about being a Packer?
Donald: The fans. I’m going to miss running out of that tunnel, seeing 70,000 people screaming and yelling.

Carina Heckert:  What motivated you to stay here you're whole career, what about Wisconsin made it your only home?
Donald: Again I am going to have to say the fans. You all showed me so much loyalty from day one, I owe it to you to give you that loyalty in return.

Chris Brown Lazar: What are you most looking forward to doing with your kids next fall (football season) that you haven't ever been able to do?
Donald: Watching a Packer game with them! I think it’s going to be fun getting everyone together on the couch and cheering on the Green and Gold.

Jennifer Nachtwey: Donald, you have been an inspiration to all. Who was your inspiration growing up?
Donald: My mother. She worked so hard, took multiple jobs to support us. Sometimes she would go days without eating just so her kids would have a meal. I love her dearly for it.

Jenny Harkness: Will the DD charity softball game continue?!
Donald: Yes!! We’ll be at Timber Rattlers Stadium Sunday, June 16th. It’s a great event that helps raise a lot of money for homeless families through my foundation. There are still grass seats available along with sponsorship packages for companies that want to get involved.

Maggie Franke: How do you want to be remembered- for how you played or what you did off the field? Or both?
Donald: Both. Playing well on the football field was always very important to me, but it was just as important I be there for my family and give back to the community. I always wanted to be someone the fans could be proud to root for and proud to have their kids root for too.

Pam Keech: Hi DD....will you be writing a book other than the kids’ books? You and that smile will be missed greatly.
Donald: Yes, I am working on my biography right now and will be releasing it in the fall. I have always been pretty open about my life, but there will be a lot of stories in the book that I have never told anyone before. I think the fans are really going to like it.